Are you ready for the BLOOD MOON phenomenon?

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On September 28, a natural phenomenon known as a supermoon and blood moon will turn the moon a deep crimson – the culmination of a month of stunning astronomical events.

As well as a lunar eclipse (which blocks the moon out completely) there was also the second solar eclipse of the year that took place over the weekend.

Sadly, for armchair astronomers here in Blighty, it was only a partial solar eclipse and was only viewable in parts of southern Africa and Antarctica.

But, thanks to global social media, many people have been able to share their images of the event.

In fact a blood moon is a rather spectacular sight caused by the reflection of sunlight on the Earth’s atmosphere – which is red to the naked eye.

The blood moon acquires a golden, copper, or even rusty-red color depending on where the sun is – and it’s usually low in the sky or near the horizon.


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