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This is an amazing maze game. Here you will find a lot of enemies, weapons, and problems to get the goal of the game.

Level 1

You are at the gates of the black castle. In this castle is full of many dangerous and most diverse creatures. Some won’t let you pass through until you kill them. The most terrible thing is the mountain troll, which must be eliminated to complete the game. In the castle there are many elements which will help you to achieve your goal. Remember, you can only kill troll with the golden sword, which was forged by dwarves at the Magic Mountain. This sword is lost inside the castle and you must recover to go for the Troll.

Remember: you must overcome many dangers, so be careful!

Level 2

You look around and everything is dark, you cannot see anything but the smell is well knows. You are in the dungeons of Prune, located in the snowy mountains of Ghom. You get out of here as soon as possible before the Goblins captured and lock you forever. Remember that if you do not kill or escape from the Goblins you will miss the game. As always, you should be careful about all the creatures, pitfalls and dangers. Find all the items that will help you get out of here.

No lose hope, there is always a way out!!

Level 3

You have entered the mythical ‘Red Fortress’, the reckless mansion of the ‘Dark Lord’ situated in the gulf of Keehak. This mansion is full of dangers and pitfalls, as well as many of the worst enemies. The mansion is a maze of passages, hiding places, doors and rooms. You must go through each one of the places trying to find the necessary items and weapons to kill all your enemies in order to achieve the objective. Be sure to pick up all items, you never know who could help you.

Be careful, danger lurks around every corner!!

Available in Google Play